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About Us

Mayflor Chokshi is the owner of Mayflor Farms. She got her start in gardening in 2005, and became interested in agriculture beyond a small backyard plot. She took courses and received certification via the Henry County Master Gardening Class, and Georgia Organics. Mayflor Farms started in 2008, and quickly grew from a private love of gardening to a flourishing, Certified Naturally Grown (CNG) farm that now caters to many upscale restaurants in Atlanta and farmers markets. While gardening, May has worked for 30 years as a Registered Nurse and a longtime practitioner of hatha yoga. She believes that mindfulness and balance starts with food that has as much heart as health.


Mayflor with her husband Dr. Hitesh Chokshi and Farmer Chris Edwards

Christopher Edwards is our farmer/manager and business partner. Please come and visit. He's knowledgeable, practical and very passionate about farming. A joy to work with him. 

Christopher Edwards, AKA Farmer Chris, has had an interest in agriculture since childhood. In 2009, his interest led him to work with the Georgia Citizens Coalition on Hunger. There he was able to convert the Umoja Garden into an organic farm. The Umoja Garden now provides inexpensive and fresh produce to under served community members through a weekly farmers market program. Determined to maintain and further develop his connection with the Earth and its holistic properties, Chris traveled to Ghana in 2011.

For nine months, his studies in ethno botany and traditional medicine further expanded his understanding of the relationships between cultures and their use of plants. Since his return from Ghana, Chris has focused on establishing healthy communities with people who recognize both the nutritional value as well as the medicinal properties of plants. 
Chris also worked at Fresh Roots Farm in Atlanta and at TLW.


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